Grass Seed & Sod

We are proud to provide our customers with quality grass seed mixes in bags ranging from 10lb - 50lb and also in bulk. Below is a brief summary of products we stock but we also have the ability to special order items.

Estate Mix: A professional turf mix ideal for sun and shade. For a quality lawn with average maintenance this high end seed mix is especially formulated for New England weather.

Trilogreen Mix: A blend of 3 quality quick germinating seed. Blended for color and disease resistance for areas with 50% or more sun.

Athletic Field Mix: A durable mixture that will stand up to heavy traffic and recovers quickly from wear and tear, great for areas with kids or pets.

Shady Glen Mix: A great solution for areas of 60% or more shade.

Builders Mix: A fast covering, quick germinating mix for erosion control.

Overseed 70/30: A good mix for overseeding athletic fields and home lawns

Wildflower Mix

Sod: We usually have small batches of sod available but for large order, please call the Garden Center directly.

CHEPACHET LOCATION currently open for wholesale customers only